Pragmatic Software is Now SmartBear Software
Develop | Posted July 19, 2010

Pragmatic Software is Now SmartBear Software

You may have heard of the other sister company, the original Smart Bear Software, the peer code review company that created CodeCollaborator. The new SmartBear now includes the old Smart Bear and of course AutomatedQA, which is well known for its TestComplete automated testing and AQtime performance profiling tools. (You may also know that TestComplete works exceptionally well with SoftwarePlanner for test case management).

How will this benefit our users?

For one, our community of users has grown to more than 75,000 software developers and testers with the formation of the new company. We look forward to helping you take advantage of this much larger SmartBear community for expert advice, more support, knowledge sharing and of course improved software quality. Keep an eye out as we start to share tips and tricks, white papers, and other best practices that we hope will help you produce better software.

The combined company is also much better equipped to push product development forward. We are already working on a bunch of new ideas that will not only make it easier for our products to work together, but also put great new functionality in the hands of our users. Stay tuned – you will hear much more from us about automated testing, test management, code review, performance profiling, and development management.

Why did we change our name?

As AutomatedQA, Smart Bear Software and Pragmatic Software worked together to become one company, we had to select a name that we felt reflected our brand values: to be community-focused and offer innovative tools that are highly functional and at the same time actually affordable. Also, now that we have tools that support the immediate needs of both, developers and testers, we needed a name that wasn’t tied to one particular type of product. So we and our sister companies chose the name of one of our very successful existing brands to represent us all going forward. We also think the name is a lot more fun and interesting than using two or three letter acronyms. We hope you like our decision!

Here’s the new logo:

What do you think? Just a few minor adjustments of the original Smart Bear logo, which we thought was pretty cool to begin with as well.

Visit our existing Community page to learn how you can follow us and communicate and share with one another as we continue to add to our products, enhance our web site, and grow our community involvement.

If you want more details regarding the announcement, click here, and stay tuned for some exciting product news in the days and weeks ahead.

Are you curious about all the other tools that are now part of the SmartBear family? Ever needed to increase your test coverage or find those annoying performance issues or memory leaks? Or even find issues before they become bugs through fast and pain-free code review?

Tell your friends, give them a try and check out any of our tools for free:

What’s your take on the New SmartBear? Let us know, leave us a comment, Tweet us or drop us a line.


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