Podcast: Wet Seal CIO discusses mobile retail strategies and the iPad at Shop.org
Develop | Posted October 07, 2010

Jon Kubo, CIO for Wet Seal, (R) at Shop.org 2010

Last week, at the 2010 Shop.org Annual Summit, we had the opportunity to connect with Jon Kubo, CIO for The Wet Seal, Inc. Jon has been managing Wet Seal's e-commerce efforts since 2005, and in that time, the company's e-commerce business revenue has increased by over 10 times.

Under his reign, Wet Seal has launched social media applications for the iPhone, Facebook, and Shop with Friends functionality. Plus, its social media strategy is recognized as one of the most successful in retail.

On the second day of Shop.org, Jon participated in a panel called "The Skinny on iPad Shopping -- Learn What Works from Retail Innovators." The session was designed to explore the potential of the iPad as a new mobile retail mechanism.

We talked to Jon a few hours before this session began, and got a little preview of what the key takeaways would be. In our interview, Jon also identifies the challenges retailers will face in developing and delivering a mobile strategy to shoppers, drawing specific attention to how content delivery has become more complex.

As use of mobile devices such as the iPad continues to rise, businesses will begin to place even greater emphasis on the Web experience of mobile users. We'll likely see an increase in the number of companies monitoring the performance of their websites on mobile devices, as they seek to ensure optimal website compatibility and user experience on any and all devices.

We welcome you to listen to our conversation with Jon below.

Is your company pursuing a mobile strategy? If so, what challenges have you encountered?


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