Perforce Icon Decorations in Eclipse
Develop | Posted January 29, 2009

My job requires me to use a wide variety of version control systems. And a few different integrated development environments as well. Earlier today I installed an Eclipse plugin from Perforce and managed to get it configured correctly, with one exception: no icon decorations in my projects.p For example:


All of those .java files are in a Perforce depot, and I was able to successfully use the Team > Share Project... command to get Eclipse to understand that. And if I right-click any of the files, the Team context menu has all the correct Perforce commands enabled. So why no icon decorations to let me see at a glance which files I have marked for editing, etc.? The depot window over in the Perforce perspective shows the decorations:


A quick trip to Google took me to the answer in the release notes for the Perforce plugin. I had already skimmed through it, but not closely enough to spot this: "Label Decorations are off by default. To turn them on go to Window->Preferences...." Following the directions (RTFM!) got me the result I wanted:


So my mistake was assuming that since label decorations were on in the Perforce perspective, they would be on in the Java perspective. And apparently, when they state in the release notes that label decorations are "off by default" they mean only in perspectives other than the Perforce perspective. That seems a bit confusing to me and I don't recall that inconsistency with other Eclipse version control plugins, but hey, Google found the answer so I can't complain.

FYI, Robert Maldon has a nice detailed description of installing the Perforce Eclipse plugin on his blog, including this icon decorations gotcha.