Panda Roy Makes Business News
Develop | Posted May 01, 2009

More than 900 Austinites stopped by the door64 Tech Fair yesterday (Apr. 30) to learn more about cool technology happenings in Austin. Smart Bear, of course, showed off our collaborative code review tool. Other exhibitors showcased virtual hardware development platforms, electronic design automation, IT operations software, and other engineering tools of various sorts.

Although the exhibit room was packed, Roy was the only guy in the room wearing a panda suit (or impersonating an animal of any kind). Boy, was he a hit! People lined up to talk to the bear, even when someone else was available to answer their questions. The door64 publicity folks made sure to get a video of him. Even the Austin American-Statesman, writing an article about the event, was intrigued -- they put a picture of Roy on the front page of today’s Business section!

As always, our free code review book was a popular give-away item. We were too busy talking to people about code review to attend any of the event sessions, but apparently they were so full people waited outside.

We’ve posted various pictures of the tech fair for your enjoyment.


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