New Web Technology - TRAC Research Validates AlertSite Web Monitoring
Develop | Posted October 18, 2011

A recent survey of over 400 businesses in finance, retail, telecommunications, education, government and manufacturing conducted by TRAC Research found that organizations lose an average of $21,000 per hour during website outages and $4,100 per hour during website slowdowns.

These survey results are part of a newly published TRAC Research Solution Overview of AlertSite, titled “AlertSite Well Positioned for Addressing Challenges of a New Web.” In this report, President and Principal Analyst Bojan Simic explains how new complexities of the Web, such as mobile and third party content, are making performance monitoring more challenging. He goes on to provide an overview of the AlertSite Web and mobile monitoring solution and cites what he believes are its strengths and opportunities including:

  • More cost-effective than other enterprise-class products for Web experience monitoring
  • Browser-based so it captures actual user interactions   
  • A unified view of performance to monitor both external and internal Web applications 
  • Mobile monitoring to capitalize on the fast growing mobile segment

Businesses are realizing the true cost of a poorly performing Web or mobile site. Just take a look at the recent backlash Target has been receiving from customers due to prolonged website problems following the launch of their Missoni for Target collection.

Online performance directly relates to business performance, and a slow or unavailable website costs businesses time, money and their reputation.

You can download a copy of the entire Solution Overview to read more about the survey results, the current landscape of performance monitoring, and how AlertSite is helping online businesses address new Web challenges and improve the user experience.

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