New TestComplete Article: Testing Applications That Require Rebooting
Develop | Posted March 03, 2011

We have published a new technical paper for our community that details how you can create tests for installation programs with TestComplete.

Typically, while creating functional tests, you record a sequence of actions
performed against your tested application and then verify that the actual result
equals the expected one. However, you may also need to create tests that not
only perform actions over an application, but also automate the application
installation process. These tests are very helpful when you need to test the
application deployment, installation and execution processes. Such a test, for
example, may copy the installation files to a computer, install the application
and then execute another test against the installed application automatically.
Quite often, installation programs require rebooting the computer to complete
the installation successfully.

Read the rest of the article: Testing Applications That Require Rebooting

We hope that you find it helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to come back and leave a comment below to start the discussion.

Happy testing,

The SmartBear Team


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