New Filters and Fields In Code Collaborator 6.0
Develop | Posted June 02, 2010

(This blog entry is part of a series of entries describing some of the new features in Code Collaborator v6.0. The series content is listed in this entry.)

For a code review tool like Code Collaborator, the variety of reporting options is staggering. The tool tracks a large number of metrics and not all of our customers are interested in seeing the exact same report output. There are common themes, so we try to support those and then provide easy ways for you to mold the report output to your specific needs.

With the release of v6.0 of Code Collaborator, we added a significant new reporting feature: user oriented reports. In addition, we made four relatively smaller changes to our existing customizable reports.

New Fields in the Customizable Review Reports: Number of Participants, Average Participant Time, and Defects per Hour. 


Back in v4.0 of Code Collaborator we had a report called Metrics by Review. We removed it when we released v5.0 because it had been built with a reporting framework that had, unfortunately, gotten rather crufty. 

Removing it was the right decision because the cost was just too high to maintain it. But that hurt a very small number of our customers, which we of course regret. By adding Number of Participants, Average Participant Time, and Defects per Hour into the customizable review reports, it is now possible to create a report that has the detailed information that was included in the old Metrics by Review report.

The summary information at the top of the Metrics by Review report is not included, but can be calculated in a spreadsheet, which is easy enough to create from the CSV output that all our customizable reports can produce. I plan to write a more detailed blog entry on this topic soon.

Filter Results by Review Completion Date: The customizable review reports have always had a filter for review creation date, but that's not always useful. Especially in situations where reviews stretch out over several days (or weeks, or in some cases, even months), filtering by the completion date is sometimes required.

Filter Defect Reports by Review Date: The customizable defect reports already had some review filters such as review id and review title. But there were no review date filters. Two have been added: Review Creation Date and Review Completion Date.

Enhanced Group Filter: The user groups feature is in part intended to make reporting easier. The report filter for groups needed some work to enable running a single report with not only a group, but its sub-groups (or "children") as well. In v6.0 the group filter is in two parts; first select a group, then select whether you want sub-groups:


The filter is available in all three types of customizable reports: review, defect, and user. 

I'm happy with the reporting enhancements in v6.0 - having said that, I know we're not done. In a tool like Code Collaborator, reporting can always be enhanced further. :-)  Please leave feedback in a comment or on our feedback forum.


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