New DéjàClick feature enables instant Web performance testing from global locations
Develop | Posted September 01, 2010

The global nature of conducting business online necessitates that you have a deep understanding of how your website performs for users in all of your target markets. If you're not regularly testing the performance of your website outside your physical location or headquarters, users in other regions across the globe could be having a negative Web experience, and you'd never know it.


That is, unless they complained about it.


But do you really want to have to rely on customer dissatisfaction and complaints before you can improve service? Wouldn't you rather be proactive?


Today, we released a new tool to help you do just that. DéjàClick Test On Demand is our new free service that provides immediate insight into the responsiveness and availability of your websites and applications from dozens of locations across the globe.


It's easy. Simply use DéjàClick to record any multi-step Web transaction, click the Test On Demand icon, and select your desired location from the drop-down menu. (There are over 60 locations for AlertSite customers to choose from. Or, as a member of the DéjàClick community, you can select either Chicago or London.)


Then, click play to watch your recording play back like a movie. As you do, observe the performance metrics that are revealed at each step of the transaction.


You'll see:



  • Action details for each page of the transaction, including HTTP status; response times for DNS lookup, connect, redirect, time to first byte, HTML content and full page content; and waterfall charts.



  • Event details that show the performance of every mouse-over, form fill-in, navigation and click, so users can make sure all the interactive and Flash components of their websites are performing as they should.



  • Screen captures of errors that appear instantaneously to show users what the page looked like when something went wrong and at what step of the transaction.



By the end of the play back, you'll have a deep and comprehensive understanding of how that transaction performs for users in your selected location.


Don't take our word for it, though. Try it yourself. DéjàClick is available as a free download to Firefox users. Run some tests using the Test On Demand tool, and let us know what you think!


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