Never Eat a Donut Bigger Than Your Head
Develop | Posted January 25, 2010

We have a varied work force here at Smart Bear. One of the developers grew up on a kibbutz. There are some jugglers and several soccer players. We even have a guy who is fluent in Esperanto.

And then there's Will.  He's the kind of guy I refer to as an instigator. He's always game for anything. He is featured prominently in an entry on feeding the birds and was a key part of our success with water balloons.


It recently slipped out that he had taken on a new challenge: if someone presents him with edible food, he must eat it.  So Brandon brought in a giant orange-colored donut and presented it to Will.

And, instigator that he is, Will proceeded to eat all of it. By himself, no less!

Not surprisingly, it took him all day to finish it. And we went out for sushi that day so he also had a full lunch.

But Will is a "can-do" kinda' guy, so he continued to work his way through it.

From the look on his face after finishing the final bite, however, I am wondering if he'll be as enthusiastic about the next food challenge that comes his way.



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