NCAA Championship: The top performing websites of the tournament
Develop | Posted April 06, 2011

Congratulations to the UConn Huskies men's basketball team for their win against Butler and their third national NCAA title in 13 years! It was an exciting tournament with a lot of surprises and upsets along the way.

This year's tournament also saw record-breaking viewership. Through the first round of games, basketball fans streamed 12.7 million hours of video on the Web and mobile devices via the March Madness on Demand site. This is compared to 11.7 million hours of live streaming last year for the entire tournament. Web viewers averaged 64 minutes of live streaming, with mobile users averaging 25 minutes.

Since the start of the tournament, we've been monitoring the performance, including response times and availability, of the top websites delivering NCAA coverage. NCAA's March Madness on Demand takes the trophy for delivering the best overall Web performance. The site came out on top in our Week 1 re-cap and again in Week 2. During the Final Four and Championship games, the site again delivered game-winning performance with an average response time of 2.22 seconds and 99.91 percent availability. gets a notable mention for 100 percent availability this week during the final round of games.

Once again, struggled to deliver with average response times spiking at 16.77 seconds and 95.88 percent availability.

Here are the Final Four and Championship round breakdowns for website availability and response times.

For iPhone and iPad users who were keeping up with the tournament over the AT&T wireless network, it was a very close match-up between and for best performing website on a mobile device.

On the iPhone, won most reliable by just a hair with 99.48 percent availability. And had the shortest response time on the iPhone -- 9.70 seconds. came in on top with the best response time and availability on the iPad. They held on to this position throughout the entire tournament. iPad users experienced 99.65 percent availability and 9.40 second response times on the site.

Just like the teams competing in the NCAA tournament, websites need to prepare, practice and anticipate any potential threats before the big game, or in this case, the big Web event. We congratulate our top performing websites for the great experience they were able to deliver to Web and mobile users.


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