More support for the importance of mobile website monitoring
Develop | Posted October 22, 2010

According to a new survey by Lightspeed Research, 48 percent of mobile phone owners have made a purchase via the mobile Web or a mobile app. While the majority of purchases were digital products such as music, apps, and ring tones, the survey also revealed that many shoppers are using this platform to purchase tangible goods, such as physical merchandise, movie tickets, groceries, and take-out.

In addition, the survey showed that mobile users are using smart phones to conduct other shopping activities as well. Eighty percent have used a mobile website or app to find a nearby store, 70 percent to compare pricing, 65 percent to read customer reviews of products, and 57 percent to check the availability of these products.

These statistics confirm Mickey Alam Khan's recent report on m-commerce strategies, and offer support for the importance of monitoring your mobile websites on a variety of devices. With more and more customers using their phones to shop and search, you need to be sure that your site is optimized for each device.


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