More Balloon Fun
Develop | Posted October 29, 2010

At SmartBear we enjoy having a good time. Water balloons? Check. Giant donuts? Check. We were at it again today. This time we filled Eric's office with balloons. Why, you ask? Because we can. Well, there's a little more to it.

Eric's not much for celebrations, so when he saw his birthday on the SmartBear calendar he surreptitiously removed it. No matter. Hannah was on the case and caught him. Rather than just put the date back on the calendar, she plotted revenge. Yesterday afternoon she went on a mission to purchase balloons. Hannah and several other bears stayed late last night to fill the balloons and Eric's office. 

Lucky for us, Eric had an appointment this morning and was the last to arrive. Everyone got to enjoy his arrival! Eric has been a good sport and has spent the day happily coding in an office full of balloons.



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