Monitoring the Real-Time Web
Develop | Posted November 03, 2009

A recent conversation with Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb got me thinking about the real-time Web, and in particular, its effect on businesses that rely on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as part of their sales and marketing processes, a major campaign, or customer service. Whatever the case may be, if you are active on these sites and seeing results, they can be considered an important asset to your business.

So how can you be a good custodian of these assets? Of course, all the usual guidelines about being a good community gardener apply.

It might make sense to do some performance monitoring of your Twitter or Facebook home pages, much as you would your own Web site or applications.

Granted, you won't have control of any performance or availability issues, but as an important asset in your evolving corporate communications toolbox, you should at least be aware of their availability and be alerted if there is an issue. That way, if these sites do go down or experience other problems, you can react and maybe boost up your other communication efforts during that period.


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