Meet the Bears:Roy Paterson
Develop | Posted February 02, 2010

 Roy Paterson can be credited for making our Eclipse integration as
great as it is. He's also a very fun guy, usually being one of the
masterminds behind the crazy antics around the office. When you hear
laughter in our cave, you can bet Roy's there. Whether he's juggling
with a wacky hat, or helping a customer with Code Collaborator, he's a
blast to have around!

What is your "Job Title"?

I think today I'll call myself "Lead Client Developer and Bear Suit Model"

Describe a typical day for you at the office.

I pick up Will at our carpool meetup at Barton Springs and then drive

to work.  While my computer is starting up I fill my "Alien Crossing"

mug with water and fold the latest creation from my daily origami

tear-off calendar.  I divide my day between writing new features,

fixing bugs, and helping customers.  When I need a break I juggle a

bit.  On slow days other hijinks ensue.  Finally I switch my monitors

off and go home!

Where were you and what did you do before Smart Bear?

I graduated from school from the University of Texas at Austin, and

then worked for IBM for 5 long years.

How did you come to Smart Bear?

After years of job dissatisfaction and months of vacillating, I got

fed up with IBM and decided to look for another job.  I found Smart

Bear within a week of searching Craigslist.  Turns out you can find

all sorts of things on Craigslist...

What is your favorite thing about Smart Bear?

I love how close I am to our customers, and how quickly we turn around

fixes and feature requests.  If there is a bug or a feature request I

get to hear it, and then I get to implement it and see it benefit our

customer very quickly.  I love the fun atmosphere, coupled with a

successful company that solves a real need.

Any interesting stories during your time at Smart Bear?

In my job interview I promised that if hired I would juggle in the

bear suit at tradeshows.  It turns out that I can't juggle in it

(can't see out of both eye-holes at the same time), but I love wearing

the bear costume.  It's really fun to show up as a ridiculous cartoon

character at dull tradeshows and rattle everybody up.

The best part is people assume I'm just some teenager we paid a couple

bucks to wear a costume, not one of the lead developers of the

product.  Once I start talking to them and get technical they do a

double-take and exclaim "Wow, you *are* a smart bear!"

What are some of your favorite websites?

I read Austinist, XKCD, and Gizmodo.  "There, I fixed it" is also great.

What are your favorite activities?  Hobbies?

I've been sailing and juggling for many years.  I'm very active in

Austin's local juggling community, and I travel and teach at juggling

festivals all over the US and in Europe.

Favorite music bands?

I'm an uncultured savage that doesn't like music.

Favorite spots in Austin?

My favorite spot is Barton Springs pool in the summer. I've spent many

a summer afternoon juggling and relaxing under the pecan trees, and

then taking a breath-taking dip in the cold water.


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