Luxury retailers deliver strong website performance in Q2
Develop | Posted July 22, 2011

For the second consecutive quarter, we monitored the website performance of luxury retailers and automobile manufacturers to see which companies are providing the fastest and best user experience. Which companies came out on top?

On the retail side, Ralph Lauren was both the fastest, with 1.15 second average response times, and the most reliable, with 99.97 percent availability. In terms of website speed, Prada and Chanel came in a close second and third, with 1.23 and 1.30 average second response times, respectively. In the reliability measurement, Louis Vuitton, with 99.96 percent availability, and Prada, with 99.95 availability, took silver and bronze.

In the luxury automobile sector, the reigning number one and number two position holders in website reliability, Porsche and Lamborghini, came out on top once again. Both sites improved their availability during the quarter and tied for the number one spot with 99.99 percent availability. BMW and Rolls-Royce tied for third with 99.98 percent availability. In addition, those same two sites--Rolls-Royce and BMW--retained their number one and two positions on the website speed chart, delivering 0.81 second and 1.91 second response times during Q2.

Impressively, all the sites monitored during the quarter delivered availability upwards of 99 percent, and most were right around the 4.4 second response time threshold at which business performance starts to decline. A full analysis of the results is featured on Luxury Daily today. Check out "Rolls-Royce, Ralph Lauren post quickest Web site response times in Q2" by Rachel Lamb for more discussion on the fastest and most reliable online luxury retailers.


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