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Develop | Posted January 17, 2019

We're thrilled to announce our Swagger Ask Me Anything on 1/22 with Lead Software Engineer for Swagger, Kyle Shockey. I got to sit down with Kyle to learn more about his experience as a programmer, how he first got involved wth Swagger, and more - like how he's a huge public transit nerd! 

Read on to get to know more about Kyle. 

What sparked your interest in becoming a software engineer?
I've always been drawn to technology, so it was a natural step into the field for me. The moment that sold me was when I learned enough about programming to understand that the work mostly consists of creative problem solving, which I deeply enjoy.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in software engineering?
Self-study the fundamentals of programming, and then seek mentorship for higher-level learning - which can come in the form of traditional education, an immersive program, or one-on-one learning with an experienced engineer. Get involved with open-source projects and local meetups, and build real-world projects as your skill level increases.

Beyond that, become comfortable with the feeling of not knowing things - in this line of work, it will happen a lot!

What is your favorite software or app right now and why?
Retool, which is a visual programming application for building tools. I'm excited about it because it excels at packaging common ways to interact with data into neat, reusable building blocks - which is an indication of quality in any tool!

When did you first hear about Swagger and how did you get involved?
I was first introduced to Swagger through a colleague!

I became involved in the project by way of joining SmartBear in 2016. It was an exciting time for the projects: Swagger Client, Swagger UI, and Swagger Editor were all being rewritten using a more modern JavaScript stack.

Did you work with any open source software before?
My work within Swagger is my first experience with maintaining open-source projects, but I have used and contributed to many open-source projects in the course of my work in the past.

What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know?
I'm a huge public transit nerd! I love it all: the history, design, engineering, and politics that go into these systems that we have all over the world.

Out of all the folks that use the Swagger tools I maintain, I was never more excited than when I learned that my transit agency here in Los Angeles uses Swagger UI for their APIs!

What do you think the future holds for Swagger and OpenAPI Spec?
OpenAPI 3.0 is a huge step forward in terms of what can be described in an OpenAPI document, and thus what can be interacted with through the Swagger tools. In a similar sense, recent and upcoming versions of various Swagger tools allow end users to customize and control more of their experience.

I'm confident that the open governance of OpenAPI and good stewardship of the Swagger tools will continue to push us towards an ecosystem that works for more people, APIs, and use cases.

Kyle is hosting the AMA on Tuesday, January 22nd from 11AM – 3PM EST, and we want to hear your questions! Join the conversation on Twitter and submit your questions now by tweeting at us or messaging us. 


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