JCPenney experiences trouble on Cyber Monday
Develop | Posted November 29, 2010

You would think, based on the name Cyber Monday, that today would be the busiest online shopping day of the year for retailers. But in the past few years, as retailers have launched their online sales campaigns earlier and earlier, this day seems to have lost some of its emphasis.

That's not to say today won't be a busy online shopping day, particularly for e-tailers offering site busters. And that's also not to say that the performance of these websites will be any less important.

Already today we have seen one retailer experiencing difficulties. JCPenney's website has been timing out since 8:30 this morning. Our transaction monitoring the home page, search, add-to-cart, and proceed-to-checkout functions has been failing repeatedly, due to page-load delays of over 90 seconds.

A minute and a half seems like a long time to wait for a page to load. Would you wait?


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