Is Code Review for You?
Develop | Posted December 09, 2008

Is your team thinking about doing
code review, but isn’t sure if it’s worth the time?

Code review used to be a huge
pain. While they were certainly effective at finding bugs, old methods of
code review simply took too much time, and many programmers still feel like
it’s not worth the trouble. But online collaborative review tools like Code
Collaborator changed the reality of code review by removing the grunt working,
making fast and efficient code review a reality.

If you’re not sure if code review
is worth your team’s time, here are three short, simple steps to try it and

 1. Download a free evaluation copy
of Code Collaborator.

 2. Have your team spend 25 minutes
per day reviewing code for one week.

 3. Assess your team’s results
using straightforward metrics (number of bugs found vs. time spent), collected
automatically by Code Collaborator. To calculate how much time your team spends
to find each bug, divide the total time spent on reviews by the total number of
defects found.

You may be surprised by the
results: most teams find and fix one bug
for every 10-15 minutes spent doing reviews.

 Consider the greater cost to fix
those bugs once they reach QA or worse, customers.

 Want to know more about this
topic and how to achieve maximum results in minimal time with code review?
Check out our Evaluation Tips document, Is Code Review for You? 


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