Inviting a Colleague to a Review Through Conversations
Develop | Posted December 11, 2013

Many code review tools are lenient in that they allow you to do many things with the tool as long as certain people review the code in front of them. In contrast, many of our customers chose Collaborator because of the way you can customize workflows, determining who must review the code, when to bring someone back to a review because of a change to the code, etc.

Today, we’re announcing a new optional feature that allows any participant in a review to invite someone to that review simply by entering their email address in the comments section of the review. When you do, the person will receive an email, notifying them that they’ve been invited to view the review. Depending on your administrative settings, the person can simply view the review or participate in the review as a reviewer or observer, for example.

The common use case for this is a review in which someone thinks some code may violate security issues. Rather than recreating the review with someone from security included as a participant, they can simply mention that person in the review and use their email address.


The person whose email address was mentioned will receive an invitation by email to view the review. Depending on how Collaborator is configured, they may even be able to add themselves as a participant in the review.

As I mentioned, this is an optional feature that can be disabled. And you can configure Collaborator to limit the email address domains that can be invited to a review.

But for those wanting a simple way to invite a colleague to a review, this feature is simple and effective.

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