Inside Look at DéjàClick's Custom Scripting
Develop | Posted November 04, 2009

When we releasedDéjàClick 2.0 a few weeks back, it was the TrueScreen technology with support for Adobe Flash applications that received top billing.


TrueScreen is pretty incredible, however, there is another really powerful enhancement released in DéjàClick 2.0 that I think is just as exciting.


DéjàClick now includes the ability to execute custom JavaScript on the web page that is a part of a DéjàClick transaction recording.


At its simplest, custom JavaScript could be used to prompt for user input or read values from a web page into the recording being replayed. Or, it could be used for something much more powerful, like scraping a value from one page for use later as input into a Form field later in the recording.


Here's a short video demonstration of those two examples that incorporate JavaScript into a DéjàClick recording.




Happy DéjàClicking!


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