Indicating File Review Order
Develop | Posted March 10, 2009

It is not uncommon to have a large number of files in a code review. Which leads to the question: How can I indicate in Code Collaborator the order in which reviewers should examine the files?

The two most common ways of doing this are: General Chat and file Notes.p

The General Chat is on the Review Summary screen and is intended as a place where all review participants can discuss things that cut across one or more of the files in the review. It is also a handy place for the author to put in notes about the best order for the reviewers to use when attacking the materials:


The other option is to use file Notes, which are down in the Review Materials section of the Review Summary screen:


If you point your mouse cursor at the asterisk in the Notes cell for a file, the cursor will change from a pointer to a blinking insert indicator. Click the mouse while the cursor is an insert indicator and the cell will expand and you can type in anything you want and then press Enter. So one thing you could type in would be notes on the suggested order for reviewing the files:



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