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Develop | Posted March 05, 2010

Back in November, at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City, I sat down with's Howard Greenstein. Howard writes a small business column on Start-Up Toolkit, which offers entrepreneurs advice on technologies and business strategies they can implement to promote and expand their business.

At that time, I explained to Howard the basic principles of Web performance monitoring, and how important it is for any company with an online presence to check the availability and performance of their Web properties. I then gave Howard a demonstration of DéjàClick 2.0, which records a user's path and click stream through a site. We recorded a script that included clicking on links, entering user names and passwords, and loading Flash objects. Then I explained to Howard how AlertSite's Web performance monitors could test a user's site using this script, and report back on load times and overall availability.

Just this week, Howard connected with one of our customers, edo Interactive. He talked to CTO Jay Graves about how edo uses Web performance monitoring to ensure a quality Web experience, which they define as greater than 99.97 percent uptime, for their customers.

I recommend checking out Howard's column this week for his take on Web performance monitoring, and how it can benefit young companies. He does a great job of articulating what we here at AlertSite truly believe: Website Uptime Means Happy Customers. Thanks so much for sharing our story, Howard. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


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