How To Record and Monitor Web Sites That Use Flash
Develop | Posted October 19, 2009

How many Web sites do you visit in any given day? And how many of them are built partly or entirely based on Flash?

Adobe claims that Flash content is present on more than 85 percent of the top 100 Web sites, and that approximately 75 percent of all Web-based videos use Flash. But video, images, scrolling text—all the features that make a Web site rich, engaging and interactive—have been a monitoring challenge for network administrators, developers and Web designers trying to create a high-quality, reliable experience for Web users.

DéjàClick 2.0, the latest version of our Web recorder, uses new TrueScreenâ„¢ technology to capture and replay Flash in real time and requiring no extra steps in the recording process. TrueScreen captures all of a user’s movements on a site…any click, drag, drop, movement or size adjustment is recorded as it is performed, and then played back at the click of a button.

This capability is rare in the Web performance industry, and it brings Web performance monitoring and management to a whole new level. Try it for yourself. The DéjàClick recorder is available as a free download for Firefox users.


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