How the v5.0 Beta Program Works: FAQs
Develop | Posted April 07, 2009

Q: How long will the beta program last?
A: Our betas are like the seventh rule of Fight Club -- it goes on as long as it has to.  We expect 2 months, but we won't declare "final" (or "stable" or "GA" for General Availability) until we believe it is stable.

Q: What happens to the v4.0 branch during and after the v5.0 beta?
A: We will continue to fix bugs (but not add new features) and release new builds of v4.0 and you can continue to download installers.  v4.0 installers will be archived forever, even after it is taken down from the main download page.  Contact us if you plan on staying on v4.0 for an extended time even after v5.0 goes GA.

Q: How often will updates to v5.0 be released?
A: Every few days.  More often if a critical bug is found.

Q: How do I track releases?
A: Same way as with the v4.0 release.  There's the release mailing list and RSS feed.  Also we maintain a complete version history in the manual both on-line and in the product.  Also watch this blog for deeper info.

Q: How do I report a bug / ask about a feature?
A: Same way as always -- report through tech support (email support at smartbear dot com) and/or through Uservoice.  Don't be shy!

Q: Who's allowed to participate in the beta program?
A: Everyone!  It's a completely open beta.  You don't need a special license code.

Q: How do I try the beta on the side while maintaining my v4.0 installation for general use?
A: Gregg describes it in loving detail.

Q: When will the manual be updated?  Some of the new features are missing.
A: The manual will be updated continuously throughout the beta period.  It will be complete before GA.  Don't be shy about using tech support to ask questions!


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