How AlertSite Helped edo Interactive Avoid a Faulty Facebook Application
Develop | Posted March 23, 2010

We love hearing from our customers about their AlertSite experiences and how our Web performance solutions are helping their business.

We spoke recently with edo Interactive, a company that develops technologies that use payment card platforms for digital marketing purposes, such as the placement of coupons on debit, credit, or prepaid cards. They began using DéjàClick in May 2008 to monitor their customer facing sites, corporate and internal Web sites, and third-party partners and APIs hosted by the company.

With hourly transaction monitoring and AlertSite™s real-time alerts, edo was able to detect and correct a problem in the backend of a Facebook application before it was launched. It was an error that would have jeopardized the company™s investment and customer experience.

edo Interactive has been able to ensure customers get better than 99.7 percent uptime and the fastest possible performance on its site as well as sites through its partner ecosystem.

We recently posted the full case study to our Web site and invite you to take a look.

And, in case you missed it, edo shared their AlertSite experience recently with It's a great read about how Web site monitoring can benefit young companies.

If you’re an AlertSite customer with a great story to share about your Web performance experience, contact us so we can feature you in one of our upcoming case studies!


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