Helping Haiti, Preserving Pandas: Going Beyond a Day's Work
Develop | Posted March 12, 2010

We're pretty lucky to work at Smart Bear. We get to make an awesome code review tool that makes developers' lives better. And we also get the opportunity to help make *other* lives better:p we help people by giving to the community whenever we can.

The other night I was musing over all of the charitable organizations we've supported in the last year or so:


Even better, four out of five of those groups were supported not just by us, but by our amazing users directly! All of the proceeds from our $5 for 5 Code Reviewer specials last summer went straight to Wikipedia and to InfoChimps.

Our customers chose to fund the two Haiti relief donations by sharing their insights. We asked some of them to tell us how they use CodeCollaborator and how to make it better. As a thank-you for their time, they got to choose one of several options for a $20 compensation. More than 70% of respondents chose to donate their 'thank-you' gift to Haiti relief! They chose to give instead of receiving a $20 Amazon gift card.

As for supporting the pandas, well, that seemed like an effort in self-preservation.


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