Google Analytics integration with AlertSite: The 'holy grail' of Web performance?
Develop | Posted May 23, 2011

Many of you are already using your AlertSite performance dashboard to compare website response times and availability with Google Analytics metrics such as website visitors, page views, average time on site, and average session time. And hopefully, like Supreme School Supply, you’ve been able to use this integration to optimize website performance and consequently improve your bottom line.

Well I have good news for you. Today, we announced the availability of 20 additional Google Analytics metrics in your Web performance dashboard. Now, you can visualize and drill down even further into how visitor behaviors, such as bounce rate, pages per visit, transactions, average order value (AOV), unique purchases, and more, affect and are affected by website response times and availability.

The expanded customer dashboard lets users overlay technical and behavioral data in multiple line graphs, look as far back as the past 30 days, and analyze data from any of the more than 75 locations included in the AlertSite Global Monitoring Network.

Poor availability and inconsistent or slow response times has been proven to lead to abandoned shopping carts, customer dissatisfaction, and even lost revenue. With enhanced Google Analytics integration, IT and marketing professionals no longer have an excuse for lackluster online sales. They now have all the tools needed to connect the dots and identify (and implement) the technical improvements that will lead to the financial improvements.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself how easy it is to overlay Google Analytics metrics with your website performance data:


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