Facebook is fastest social network; YouTube most reliable in Q4
Develop | Posted January 06, 2011

For the third consecutive quarter, Facebook's home page was the fastest to load among top social networking sites. Between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 it took the page 1.06 seconds to be displayed. That's more than a second faster than the benchmark average during this period.

YouTube and LinkedIn retained their hold on the number two and three spots, respectively. Though LinkedIn users trying to access the homepage during Q4 experienced response times that were more than 27 percent higher than the previous quarter.

Twitter came in fourth, falling just below the industry average. MySpace's response times jumped 17 percent to a sluggish 4.23 seconds.

In terms of uptime, YouTube came out on top with 99.99 percent availability, its best performance of the year. YouTube also had its most impressive average quarterly response time (1.36 seconds). The world's largest video sharing site takes the crown for the most improved social network in 2010. It increased both its availability and response time every quarter of the year.

Twitter came in second, with its best availability of the year -- 99.92 percent -- followed by MySpace and Facebook. After claiming the number one spot in Q3, LinkedIn sank to the bottom of the chart. Its 99.68 percent availability, which still isn't too shabby,was a result of site maintenance. We captured this screen shot during the four hour maintenance period.


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