Every 7 Seconds
Develop | Posted February 12, 2009

The other day I received an email from one of our customers telling us how well Code Collaborator was working for his team and how "developers are chatting like school girls in there!"

After I cleared the visual out of my head of scores of programmers giggling together over their code, I started thinking about how many folks are using Code Collaborator these days to find defects. That made me wonder how often, somewhere in the world, someone finds a bug using our tool. So I did a quick back-of-envelope calculation using results from our customers, data from our own servers, and the number of users we have (20k+).

I considered data points we've collected such as Average Number of Bugs Found per Hour with Code Collaborator, Number of Reviews Conducted per Person (per Month), and Time Spent per Review. The results thrilled and amazed me:

About every 7 seconds, someone finds a bug with Smart Bear's Code Collaborator code review tool somewhere in the world.

Right now we help find approximately 4.8 million bugs per year. That's a lot of bugs that don't get released, bugs that don't cause critical crashes or service interrupts. Bugs that would have made everyone's life miserable and cost companies millions — or billions — of dollars. It made me genuinely happy to think that we've improved worldwide software quality so much.

I can't wait to see how many bugs we'll help find in coming years!


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