DéjàClick now supports the testing and monitoring of mobile websites
Develop | Posted October 12, 2010

You may have noticed we’ve been talking a lot recently about mobile and the opportunities and challenges for businesses engaging with customers through their mobile browsers. It’s what everyone was talking about during the recent Shop.org conference we attended as is evident from our interviews with Jon Kubo, CIO of Wet Seal, and Mickey Alam Khan, Editor in Chief of Mobile Commerce Daily, Mobile Marketer, and Luxury Daily.


60 percent of U.S. adults now browse websites via their mobile phone and it is projected that the mobile retail market will exceed $12 billion by 2014. It is hard to ignore this growing trend. While mobile websites may look, feel and operate differently than their Internet counterparts, there is one common theme that carries over from the online Web to the mobile Web and that is the user experience and user expectations for speed and reliability. Do you know how your website appears and performs for mobile users?


Today we introduced DéjàClick with Mobile Monitoring to answer that critical question. We’ve looked at the options in the market and evaluated the needs of our customers' business when it comes to optimizing the performance of their mobile websites. We have developed a solution that not only tests the performance of mobile websites, including response times and availability, but also shows you exactly how your website looks on the most popular mobile devices, a feature not available with other mobile monitoring solutions.


If you have a website, there’s a really good chance people are accessing it via their iPhone, iPad, Droid, Blackberry, or another mobile device. DéjàClick with Mobile Monitoring will show you exactly what they see when they come to your site. Or if you are preparing to launch a new mobile site, you can test in advance to make sure users will experience it exactly how you intended.


Here’s how it works. Using DéjàClick, you can record any multi-step transaction, or click stream, then play it back to recreate the TrueUser™ experience. Users select their mobile device of choice from a drop-down menu. Their viewing screen is then instantly re-sized when they start to record or play back, showing how their website appears and functions on that device. Devices available today include Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; Blackberry Bold 9000; Motorola Droid; Nokia N90; Samsung Galaxy; HTC 8500, Dream, and Hero; Palm Pixi; and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Other devices can be configured by the user and used immediately afterward.


The Mobile Monitoring is available now as part of the AlertSite comprehensive monitoring suite as an enhancement to the DéjàClick free add-on for Firefox users. We welcome you to check it out here where you can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how easy we have made it to monitor the mobile Web experience!


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