DéjàClick ContentViews delivers granular insight into website performance
Develop | Posted February 17, 2011

Who in your organization today is responsible for managing the vast amounts of data and informational content on your website? Is it just one person, or more likely, are there a number of stakeholders charged with overseeing these elements?


Companies, especially those that rely heavily on multiple third-party content providers, need greater visibility into all the content on their website in order to comprehensively gauge and manage its performance. To reduce the time it takes to discover and fix problems, website content owners need a way to obtain organized and accurate performance reports that provide data only on the content they have control or responsibility over. This content can include third-party advertisements, photos, videos, RSS feeds, etc.


Today, we introduced DéjàClick ContentViews, a new feature that lets you create categorized views of any Web content, and then isolate and report on the performance of those content views. ContentViews lets users select website elements, putting them into customizable categories, and then specify which department within the organization will receive alerts on the performance of this content.


No longer will IT staffs be woken in the middle of the night by alerts notifying them that a third-party ad went down. Advertising, editorial, multimedia, and other departments involved in the creation of your website can now manage and review the performance of their own content without having to sift through long reports on extraneous Web elements.


ContentViews gives companies more precise insight into the impact ad networks, CDNs and other third-parties are having on Web performance, allowing them to truly optimize the online user experience.


Screen shots of ContentViews are available on our Flickr page. See how easy it is to create content views and manage the performance of different elements of your site.



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