Converting Functional Tests to Load Tests - LoadComplete Tutorials
Develop | Posted September 28, 2011

We’ve put together a couple of tutorial videos demonstrating how you can create automated load tests with LoadComplete using functional tests. Check them out:


This video walks you through the general process of creating load tests using functional web tests. You’ll see how to capture traffic from TestComplete functional tests into load testing scenarios, how to create and configure load tests and set up workload profile for your tests.


Creating Load Tests Based on Functional Tests - Typical Cases

The follow-up video discusses some typical cases that may come up when you’re converting functional tests to LoadComplete tests, such as converting tests that use external data sources.


To learn more about load testing of web applications with LoadComplete, check out other LoadComplete videos, or sign up for a weekly LoadComplete webinar for a live demo. Or better yet, try the fully-functional LoadComplete version for free.

Happy testing!


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