Code Reviewer v5.0
Develop | Posted April 13, 2009

As announced last week, version 5.0 of Code Collaborator is now in beta. In addition to Code Collaborator, we also sell Code Reviewer and version 5.0 of Code Reviewer is also in beta.

The two products share most features - everything that is in Code Reviewer is in Code Collaborator. There are features in Code Collaborator, however, that are not in Code Reviewer.

Of the new features in version 5.0, how can you tell which are in Code Reviewer and which are only in Code Collaborator?

The answer is simple: take a look at the All New Features in Version 5.0 page. Note that some of the features are annotated with "Code Collaborator only":

To save you the trouble of walking through that list, I have compiled the Code Collaborator only features in the list below. So everything else in version 5.0 is in Code Reviewer, but these features are not:

  • Review documents (PDF files)
  • Review URLs (any web page)
  • User Groups
  • Configurable automatic hyperlinking
  • Seapine Surround support
  • Enforce Version Control System Access Control
  • ClearCase and CMVC changelist support
  • Customizable notification templates
  • Administrator setting for system-wide message
  • Hidden custom fields
  • Multi-select custom fields


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