Code Review for a Good Cause - Fight Bad Code for Charity
Develop | Posted November 07, 2011

Update and a thank you

The Fight Against Bad Code campaign has begun! It's purpose is to help you improve code quality AND easily give to three worthy charities.

From November 7-14, you can purchase a 7 user license of CodeReviewer for $7 a seat!  No, you’re not dreaming. We normally sell CodeReviewer for $289 per seat.  At $7 per seat, you save 97.5% off the regular price!

CodeReviewer is our Web-based tool that simplifies and expedites peer code reviews. It’s ideal for small teams in large and small companies that want a quick and easy way to review each other’s code collaboratively. A lightweight version of our flagship product CodeCollaborator, CodeReviewer can save you time and help you deliver quality software faster.

What could be better than improving developer collaboration and code for $49?

Supporting Great Charities at the Same Time

To promote happiness bearishly, we’re giving 100% of the proceeds to three awesome charities that focus on children, animals and the earth. We’ll divide the money equally among these great organizations:

This program will only last for 7 days, so don’t wait!

The Fine Print

  • This offer is available to companies of all sizes that are NOT already customers of either CodeReviewer or CodeCollaborator.
  • $7 per license pricing applies to the first 7 seats only. Additional licenses can be purchased at list price ($289 per seat.)
  • Limit: One 7 user pack per company.
  • 100% of the proceeds (all $49) go to charity.
  • The license includes maintenance and technical support for the first year. To secure technical support and updates after one year, maintenance must be renewed at the usual rate of 20% of the original list price.

Get CodeReviewer and Support a Good Cause

So why are we doing this? We’re a little geeky. We firmly believe that tool-assisted code review improves code quality and reduces defects while alleviating the pain of formal code inspections, email chains, and meetings. We want to promote easier code reviews for everyone at a price that isn’t scary!

So join us! Tell your friends! Celebrate better quality software and the joy of giving. It’s 100% goodness!

Get your CodeReviewer licenses. Donate here


The SmartBear Team


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