Code Collaborator Disk Space Usage
Develop | Posted October 28, 2009

A topic that comes up frequently when folks are evaluating our code review tool is: How much disk space will the Code Collaborator server require?

We have a recommended hardware configuration, but that's a higher level guideline. The Code Collaborator server uses disk space in three specific ways.

First, the installation of the server software itself takes up about 80mb.  Over time it will write to log files, but those are configured by default to not be larger than 10mb.

Second, the server requires a database instance (either MySQL, Oracle, or MS SQLServer).  This database contains user preferences and information about the code reviews (file names, participants, etc.).  Note that it does not contain the actual content of the files that were reviewed.  As a result, it does not get very large.  On our internal server here at Smart Bear we've done almost 4,000 reviews and our MySQL database is only using 57mb.

Third, the server caches the contents of the files that are reviewed.  This is where the vast majority of disk space is used.  Our internal server is using over 850mb of space for its file cache.  By way of comparison, we have a customer that has done over 150,000 reviews and their file cache is nearing 30gb in size. 

You can configure the location of the file cache and you can even purge older content from it.  But be advised: purging older content means you will not be able see that file content if you access those older reviews.


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