is the top performing website of the 2010 World Cup
Develop | Posted July 14, 2010

It’s been four weeks of intense games and even more intense website traffic. Just over a month ago, the World Cup began, and people rushed to the Internet for what is possibly the Net's biggest sporting event. Early estimations of website traffic by Akamai showed nearly 12.1 million visitors per minute from across the globe. By June 24, traffic exceeded 20 million visitors per minute. It was truly a worldwide Internet spectacle.

In case you’ve missed any of our weekly recaps, AlertSite has been monitoring 11 World Cup websites over the past four weeks to track performance, response times and availability.

Spain claimed the title for World Cup winner on Sunday, and now we are ready to announce our website winner for the best World Cup performance and availability.

Drum roll please, or in this case, cue the vuvuzelas...

The winner is … Over the last four weeks, this website had the lowest average response time--3.96 seconds-- and delivered 99.93 percent availability.

Second place goes to, with an average response time of 4.39 seconds and 99.83 percent availability.

And our third place recognition goes to which had a response time average of 5.04 seconds and 99.83 percent availability.

Here’s the full breakdown of how all the sites ranked for availability and response times.

WC Resp Time Chart

Noteworthy observations: saw a rather consistent increase in their response times as the World Cup progressed indicating that as more people hit the site, it started to feel the strain.

Fanhouse had the most trending and inconsistent performance throughout the tournament. You can see all the peaks and valleys of their performance graph.

Yahoosports showed the most consistent response times across all of AlertSite’s monitoring locations.


The World Cup brought a record amount of traffic to websites. Some were able to handle it better than others.

These worldwide events show how important it is for websites to test and prepare so they can maintain uptime and provide reliable service to their customers. Website performance DOES matter!


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