Bears on Film
Develop | Posted May 20, 2009

For some inexplicable reason, no one expects to find a panda bear at a technology fair. So when our bear makes an appearance, he draws in journalists and other attendees like honey attracts flies (and bears, though maybe not pandas? I guess we should ask him!).

Reel Social Media interviewed Roy Paterson, a.k.a. our very own "Smart Bear," at the door64 Tech Fair on April 30 about Smart Bear Software, the event, and the Austin technology scene. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, you can now watch Roy from the comfort of your desk chair.


It's even more of a treat (and a surprise to many!) when Roy the Bear waxes lyrical about code review. Look for him at future events, and don't miss an opportunity to test his knowledge about code review best practices, our code review tool, and bear trivia! Maybe one day we can even get him to dance.


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