Bank of America back online after second outage this year
Develop | Posted March 02, 2011

Bank of America is back online today after delivering long delays and sporadic availability yesterday, March 1. In fact, since late yesterday afternoon, the load time of the bank's homepage has returned to the average four to five seconds, and availability has been near flawless.

Availability of Bank of America's homepage was recorded at only 83.09 percent yesterday. On average, customers trying to reach the site experienced response times over 15 seconds. Delays were three times as long as in February, when the site delivered 4.59-average response times. At some points throughout the day, response times spiked as high as 90 seconds.

Yesterday's website outage was the company's second this year. On Jan. 14, the site delivered 41 percent availability and response times in excess of 90 seconds. Bank of America spokespeople cited routine upgrades as the cause of both incidents.


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