AQtime 4 Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Develop | Posted October 21, 2005

AutomatedQA is committed to provide the best integration for the upcoming Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. This is a work in progress until the final release of Team System in the first half of 2006, but we intend to keep posting updated blogs as our work continues. The next update of AQtime 4 will include the latest update of our integration with Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Team System, including tests for memory leaks and for platform compliance.

AQtime is first known for its performance and memory profilers, but also includes several additional profilers, for example the platform compliance profiler. When AQtime is integrated into Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Team System, a new AQtime test type is available in the list of available tests which allows Team System users to add the AQtime memory leak or platform compliance profilers to test their projects.

Through the AQtime test properties of Team System, users can specify which profiler is to be used: Allocation Profiler for detecting memory leaks, Resource Profiler for detecting any unreleased Window's resources or Platform Compliance for checking which Windows version supports API calls in the source code of your application.

All AQtime test results are displayed in the Test Results panel inside of Visual Studio 2005. When you double-click on the AQtime test, you can see the detailed results, as shown in the screenshot below. To view more information about AutomatedQA's and Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Team System integration please visit: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System Support

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System AQtime Test Results


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