An Enhanced Document Review Experience
Develop | Posted June 02, 2010

(This blog entry is part of a series of entries describing some of the new features in Code Collaborator v6.0. The series content is listed in this entry.)

The big new feature with respect to document review in v6.0 of Code Collaborator is support for reviewing Microsoft Office documents. There are three additional features, however, that are also new in v6.0 that enhance our support for document review.

First up is a zoom control, which had quite a few votes out on our feedback forum. You will see it at the bottom of the diff window when reviewing a document or an image file:


This next feature is a bit more subtle. When you are reviewing a document in the diff window and you click on the document content, the chat pane displays:


It has pre-filled the page and X/Y coordinate values. Note, however, that starting with v6.0 the text includes "... or type in a label below." This allows you to put in your own label, so that instead of being recorded by page and X/Y coordinate, your comment/defect is recorded and displayed with a label:


Finally, we've added some additional metrics that display number of files, defect density, and inspection rate for documents (and other non-source code files). This is from the Review Detail report (new values are circled in red):





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