AlertSite reports on World Cup performance: Week 2
Develop | Posted June 29, 2010

We've reached the mid-way point of the 2010 World Cup tournament. We know who the winners on the field have been thus far, but how about online? Which sites were the star performers last week? And how did they compare to their Week 1 performance? See for yourself.

Almost all the sites, with the exception of and saw a decrease in availability this week. Though, in most cases, the drops were less than half of a percentage point.

Response times showed more fluctuation. However, like last week, there continues to be a noticeable correlation between game times and response times. When games are in progress, it takes users significantly longer to access one of the sites.

Noteworthy observations from week two:

  • Even though the site had a high availability last week, at some points on June 20, June 21, and then again June 27, response times reached nearly 100 seconds. These long load times could have driven some visitors away. (See the chart: World Cup Week 2 performance)

  • The site experienced drastic increases in response times last week when the U.S. defeated Algeria in group play on June 23. For some users, the blog took over a minute to load. Some errors were also experienced during that time. (See the chart: World Cup Week 2 performance)

  • It looks like fans may have renewed faith in Load times for the site soared on the first day of the tournament, but stabilized last week around 11.38 seconds, with no major spikes. This week, average response time dropped to 10.93 seconds, but there were a few minor spikes during game time. (See the chart: World Cup Week 2 performance)

Check back next week for additional updates. It'll be interesting to watch how site performance changes as the stakes rise and more fans head online for live games and updates.


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