AlertSite reports on World Cup Performance: The Finals
Develop | Posted July 13, 2010

The World Cup came to an end this weekend and Spain is celebrating its first World Cup victory. It was only fitting that after a month-long competition that the final match would be a nail biter that took fans into extra time. According to Nielsen, this World Cup Final set a new record for the most watched soccer game in U.S. history and around the world. Viewership across multiple platforms, including television, broadband and online was staggering.

Our Week 4 performance update saw a number of sites with 100 percent availability. A few more jumped on the bandwagon this weekend.

Eight of the 11 sites delivered 100 percent availability including,,,,,,, and Seven out of the 11 websites also showed strong response times over the weekend.

There is no question that people were going online for updates and to view game footage this weekend. Just take a look at the increased response times that was experiencing.

foxsports also had big spikes in response time during the hours that the final game was being played.


The World Cup drew record numbers of online visitors to websites over the last four weeks. Next we'll have our re-cap of website performance throughout the entire tournament and reveal which website will be crowned as delivering the best World Cup performance.


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