AlertSite Releases First E-Commerce Holiday Web Performance Index
Develop | Posted January 14, 2010

The results are in.

After monitoring the performance of some of the top online retailers' home pages during the 2009 holiday season, we're excited to release our first E-Commerce Holiday Web Performance Index.

Overall, Web performance remained consistently strong, with few sites experiencing slow responses or outages. On average, the home pages of the sites monitored reported 99.89 percent availability and 4.10 second response times.

Seven retailers--Walmart, Victoria's Secret, Target, Staples, QVC, Macy's and Amazon--recorded 100 percent availability of their home pages throughout the season.


Starting Nov. 26, Thanksgiving Day, and ending Dec. 31, we evaluated the home pages of more than 20 retailers. Using DéjàClick

, pages were tested every 15 minutes from six locations across the country.

The absence of any serious issues indicates that online retailers are taking the performance of their Web sites more seriously than ever, and are likely preparing ahead of time for the rush of traffic the holiday season brings. Even on this season's busiest and highest grossing days--Dec. 15 and Nov. 30 (Cyber Monday)--we observed no issues.

Kudos to those online retailers monitored for delivering a quality Web experience to customers this holiday season!


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