AgencyNet Interactive Shares Its Web Monitoring Experience
Develop | Posted October 22, 2009

“AlertSite’s offering is the best suited for our performance-monitoring needs.â€

No, this isn’t one of my quotes. Our marketing or sales teams didn’t say it either. This quote came directly from a blog post written by our customer, AgencyNet Interactive. AgencyNet is an award winning digital advertising and marketing agency that has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, like Ford, Pepsi, Grey Goose, etc.

The post highlights the importance of Web performance monitoring, and specifically explains how AlertSite services helped them analyze and improve their sites. The post also includes a copy of one of our reports.

It’s a great testimonial on how Web performance monitoring in general, and AlertSite tools more specifically, can optimize the user experience.

Thanks to AgencyNet for sharing their experience!


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