AccuRev, Code Collaborator, and Eclipse
Develop | Posted February 18, 2009

A key feature of Code Collaborator is that it allows you to work within your existing development context, where context specifically means: the version control system that you use. After all, to share changes that you have made with co-workers so that they can do a code review, the most natural way to define those changes is with the terms used by your version control system.

Toward that end, Code Collaborator has excellent integration with AccuRev version 4.5.3 and higher. Code Collaborator understands AccuRev concepts such as streams, transactions, and kept files, which makes it easy to use the Code Collaborator command line client or GUI to pull files from AccuRev to add to a code review. This support is a result of the partnership between the two companies.

So if you are using AccuRev, Code Collaborator is a natural fit. If you are also using Eclipse as your IDE, then you can use the Code Collaborator Eclipse plugin to pull files from an AccuRev environment. And what I just recently discovered is that the Code Collaborator Eclipse plugin has even more support for AccuRev than is currently documented. Specifically, Code Collaborator's Add to Review context menu entry is available from more than just the Eclipse Package Explorer (which is what the manual shows).

When you are using AccuRev's AccuBridge for Eclipse plugin, there is a view available called AccuRev Search/Status. You can directly access the Add to Review context menu from this AccuRev view, which is particularly convenient when working with projects that contain a large number of files. For example, if I right-click a project and then select Team > AccuRev Searches > Modified, the AccuRev Search/Status window will display the list of modified files in that project:


I can then select one or more of those files, right-click and select Team > Add to Review and easily add those files to a new or an existing code review.

So if you want to extend the term context beyond version control to include: "the IDE I use," then Code Collaborator works really well with AccuRev and Eclipse.


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