A Milestone: 30,000 Users
Develop | Posted October 07, 2009

For quite a while now our web site has contained text such as: "Over 20,000 developers worldwide use Code Collaborator to review code...."

It bothered me that the number has not changed.  The 20,000 has been displayed for well over a year and I know we have more customers now. 

So if asked during a conversation with a prospective customer: "How many people use this product?" I would always say, "On our web site we advertise over 20,000 seats sold, but I think we're actually over 25,000 now; I need to update our site...."

Why the delay?  There's no excuse - only an explanation: We've been busy.  :-)

But the other day I sat down with a SQL query editing tool and did some research on our licensing server.  I am happy to report that we have sold over 30,000 seats of Code Collaborator.

Why not report an exact number?  The reason is because I don't know the exact number.  In this blog entry I've been using the words "seat" and "user" interchangeably but they are not the same thing.  We offer two licensing models: fixed seat and floating seat.

A fixed seat is exactly that: one seat of the product per user.  A floating seat allows multiple users, but only one at a time.  What I'm interested in advertising on the web site is the number of users of our code review tool, not the number of seats sold.

For customers who prefer to buy floating seats, we advise them to buy one floating seat for every three users.  Some of our customers are able to save money by using higher ratios: four to one or even five to one.  That can work well in environments where team members are separated by multiple time zones; while the developers in one part of the world sleep, those in another part can use the product.

So to estimate the total number of users I have to multiply the number of floating seat licenses we have sold by some multiple.  I chose four.  The end result, when added to the number of fixed seat licenses sold, is just over 30,000.

My goal is to do a better job of keeping the web site up to date in the future - look for another update after we cross 35,000. 


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