5 Software Stories that Highlight Creativity in Developers
Develop | Posted August 10, 2012

Here at SmartBear, we tend to be a pretty tough crowd to impress ... okay not really. But still, we must admit that we were in complete awe when we heard about Emil Johansson, who has spent the last seven years tracing and documenting the more than 900 characters from JRR Tolkein's Lord of the Rings series. Seriously, how did we not hear about this five years ago? So that got us thinking: what other creative projects and tips have we missed recently?

Developers and testers can't be THAT creative, right? Wrong. Even though this is an industry based more in science than in art, designers, developers and testers tend to have quite the creative streak. To prove our point, here's a look at just a small sample of stories from this week that deal with creative projects or tips in one way or another. Enjoy.

5 Software Development Stories to Highlight Creativity


1. If Hemingway and Shakespeare wrote Javascript - In this post, Angus Croll (@angustweets) shares his interpretation of how some of the most creative writers throughout history would have use their own unique style to write code, rather than literature.  

2. How Apple and Amazon security flaws led to my epic hacking - If Croll had to pick an author for this story, we're guessing it'd be Stephen King. Mat Honan (@mat) tells the horrifying tale of how some very creative hackers tore his entire digital world to shreds in less than an hour. 

3. Get out, talk to your Users - In this blog post from Tuesday, Jori Lallo (@jorilallo) emphasizes the need to add a little personality and flavor when dealing with user feedback. We like the advice, but urge you to stop short of adding emoticons to when replying to users.

4. Designers and Developers: Why can't we get along? - Programmers and designers have butted heads since the dawn of time. Check out this post from Wednesday by @petdance & @lngrey, which gives each side's perspective on how to efficiently bring together creativity and functionality on the same page.

5. Submit to The Testing Planet - Okay, okay, so this last one isn't technically a story. We're just trying to think outside the box too. The Testing Planet is looking for testers to prove just how creative they can be by submitting content for their November issue (no affiliation to SmartBear). If not for yourself, submit something for the sake of boosting the creative ego of testers everywhere!