What is Your Best Advice for a Developer to Write Better Code?

Here at SmartBear, we are big believers in the power of collaboration.

We build tools, like our code review platform, Collaborator, to help development teams work together more efficiently.

One of the things we constantly find when speaking with our developer customers is that some of their most important lessons come from working with other developers. They find that knowledge transfer and onboarding happen more quickly and easily when working with others.

And that’s why this month, we are reaching out to developers to get their best advice for other development teams.

The question we want answered is, "What is the best piece of advice you have for a developer or a team of developers to write better code?"

We’ll be compiling your advice into a resource to share with other developers. We hope you’ll consider sharing your expertise to help teams like yours build better software.

Need inspiration?

We’ve already received a ton of great tips from other developers. You can share your best advice by taking our one-question survey here or post your tips in the comments below.

Here are a few of our favorite tips we’ve received so far for inspiration:

Tip #1: "Refactor code continuously to improve modularity and maintainability."

Tip #2: "Firstly, and very importantly, a developer should understand the requirement correctly... Create a flowchart based on the requirement and get it approved from a Business Analyst or requirement person... Start coding. A developer should start writing code, keeping in mind best of practices based on specific tools... Review with peers to make sure the code is matching the requirement flowchart... Perform unit testing and then code promotion."

Tip #3: "Try to enhance your work experience by trying to do other developer's work. If you are a structured code writer, be a OOP coder and vice versa. If you are a Web developer, try to write a desktop application. If you are a team leader, try to be a member of your team for one day. If you didn't write SQL, OLAP, warehousing code, and such things then you are missing a lot of fun. If you are a Web administrator, try to write a trojan; that will expand your experience. If you didn't work with QA then you can't be professional developer. Try to get involved a little, make some decisions, have an opinion, try to be the one in charge for a change and don't tell me that you are afraid of going big. The person sitting next to you after a while may become your manager and you are still reading "Management for Dummies."

Share your best advice for writing better code!



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