Webinar: Fortifying a Culture of Collaboration in Highly Regulated Industries with Code and Document Review
Collaborate | Posted July 10, 2017

Do you work in aerospace, automotive, medical, or another highly regulated industry? If so, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to encourage teams to work together. Ensuring software safety and quality through collaboration is a critical component to maintaining compliance.

Join us July 18th for a 60-minute webinar to learn the best ways to bring peer review to your organization.

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Document and code review (code, requirements, etc.)  is the most effective way of finding problems as quick as possible. There are many varieties of peer review to choose from. How can your organization determine which method will be the most effective in your office?

In our July 18th webinar, speakers Steve Partridge, Director of Solution Management at PTC, and Justin Collier, Product Owner of Collaborator, will discuss best practices as well as the positives and negatives of all types of peer review, including formal, over-the-shoulder and tool assisted review.

Many organizations shy away from tool assisted review because of the additional cost, opting instead for meeting or email-based review procedures. However, Steve and Justin will show that using a tool will ultimately save you more time and money than any other method.

According to the 2017 State of Code Review, organizations that use code and document review tools perform peer reviews more frequently. Peer review tools, like Collaborator, improve workflow and record information for you while minimizing interruptions. Further, features such as review checklists and e-signatures help prove to regulators that your organization is doing everything possible to meet regulatory requirements.

Tune in to our 60-minute webinar on July 18th for the chance to learn more about code and document review best practices and have our speakers answer your questions.

Additional topics in the webinar:

  1. Why collaboration is important and the role of peer review
  2. The types of artifacts that need review
  3. Best practices for success in code and document review
  4. Calculating the ROI of code and document review in your organization
  5. Live Q&A

Date and Time:

Choose between two sessions on July 18, 2017. Sign up today to ensure your spot!


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