80 Tips for Writing Better Code from Real Developers [SlideShare]
Collaborate | Posted August 31, 2016

Earlier this year, we reached out to hundreds of developers, across a wide variety of industries, and asked them to share advice for other developers.

The question we wanted to answer was, “What is the best piece of advice you have for a developer or a team of developers to write better code?”

We reached out to current SmartBear customers, and even posted the question on sites like HackerNews, where more than 100 people commented and shared their best advice. As you may expect, the responses were varied and provided a unique perspective for developers across industries, whether you work in a startup or an enterprise organization.

We recently compiled these responses, along with a number of additional resources for developers to write better code in a new education resource: A Guidebook to Writing Better Code: 80 Tips from Real Developers.

You can download the complete resource for free.

We also wanted to share some of these tips in a way that’s easier to read and share with other developers. Check out all 80 tips in the presentation below (and be sure to share your best tips on Twitter with the hashtag #SBDevTips!)

Download the free guidebook for writing better code.




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